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Floral Breeze catalogue 2020 - Galerie de Bellefeuille

Through a dynamic language of abstraction, the oil painters of Zhang transmit a visceral commitment with the surrounding nature (...)

The secret life of energy: New works by Zhang He - Odon Wagner Gallery

Energy. The source of all things, material and immaterial. If energy (chi) has a signature, it could resemble the abstract calligraphic dance of paint in the hands of He. If the creative principle or force behind nature were potentially an algorithm, a program for (...)

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Zhang He new paintings - Odon Wagner Gallery

Abstraction for me is very individualistic; each stroke has to do with something within me, the Yin and the Yang. The colours I use depend on my state of mind, my emotions, and the energy of life.


November 2, 2020


For immediate release 

(Montreal, QC) - Z Art Space is proud to present as part of PICTURA, "Constructions of the Void", a group exhibition featuring the works of Marie-Claude Lacroix, Zhang He, Phil Delisle, Mariane Stratis, and Kara Skylling. From painting and drawing to sculptural installations, this exhibition addresses the boundaries between presence and absence through the artists’ engagement with the themes of construction, fragmentation, and anticipation. Notions of intimacy, landscape, and architecture are explored in parallel with one’s relation to space and the built environment to examine the nature of representation.


Construction of the void brochure - Z art Space 

Z ART SPACE est fière de présenter “Constructions of the Void”, une exposition collective réunissant les oeuvres de Marie- Claude Lacroix, Zhang He, Phil Delisle, Mariane Stratis, et Kara Skylling (...)

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CHUN exhibition video - Odon Wagner Gallery 

Over the past decade, Zhang He has mesmerized us with us vigorous compositions of still lifes and figures in increasing abstraction. In this new exhibition titled Chun, the artist's rich imagination leads him into a deeper exploration of the human psyche (...)


Le Devoir - Ville peinture Pictura 2020

L’expo Constructions of the void inclut par exemple «l’application structurale de la peinture» chez Zhang He ou les volumes peints par Mariane Stratis pour explorer notre «relation affective envers l’environnement paysager» (...)


Collections vol.1 2020 - Odon Wagner Gallery

We invite you to explore and enjoy the interiors shown in these pages of our first Collections publication. A selection of the finest available works by our represented artists and modern masters has been chosen to inspire your visual imagination and discerning aesthetic taste. (...)